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Our Beer

Kodiak Island Brewing Company brews fresh and full-bodied beers, unfiltered and unpasteurized, made with all organic base malts. 


North Pacific Ale:

Amber colored, and malty, with a touch of roasted malt for balance.  Inspired by the Scottish style ales.  4.5% abv  

Liquid Sunshine

Pale, hoppy “Steam” or “California Common” style beer.  5% abv  

Wing-Nut Brown Ale

Robust and hoppy brown ale. 5% abv



Belgian Witbier

Belgian style wheat (or “white”) beer, brewed with coriander and sweet and bitter Curacao orange peel.  6.5% abv 

Island Mist

Small beer”; refreshing, light, all malt ale brewed from the same mash as our barley wine.  3% abv 

          Island Fog

                   Barley Wine, Pale and hoppy. 10% abv 

          La Granja Stout

Coffee infused, Imperial Stout.  Recipe from friends at Norrebro Brygus in Copenhagen .  7% abv 

          Imperial Sunshine

Hopped up version of Liquid Sunshine, both literally and figuratively.  Similar to an IPA. 6.5% abv 


Oktoberfest style beer, “Bock,” or strong lager.  Malty flavor.  7.5% abv 

Beyond The Pale:

India Pale Ale” or “IPA”.  Strong Pale Ale and very hoppy.  6.5% abv 

Apple-Cider Ale

Mostly Cider, partly malt based; not too sweet, no hops.  4% abv 


          Malty and apple-sweet, balanced by raspberry tartness.  5.5 % abv         

Attitude Pil(l)s

          Light and refreshing all malt lager.  4.4 % abv 

A Stab In The Dark

          Smooth and malty oatmeal stout.  4.6% abv 

Apple-Blueberry Ale 

          Dessert beer, sweet and complex.  6.5% abv 

Shelikof Stout   

          Imperial stout, full bodied and delicious.  7% abv 

Trippel IPA

Belgian trippel meets American Double IPA.  Fruity, sweet, and hoppy. 8% abv 

Night Watch Porter

          Robust porter. 6% abv 

Cloud Peak

          Wheat Beer.  Light bodied and refreshing. 4.5% abv 

Snowshoe Pale

(It’s all about the Hop, get it?) Pale ale with floral and citrusy hop flavor and aroma. 4.2% abv 

Poor Richard’s Ale

Colonial Brown Ale. Meant to imitate a beer from the colonial days, it is brewed with flaked corn and molasses, and has a low hop rate.  Brewed from guidelines established by the Brewer’s Association. 5% abv 

Bering Sea Scotch Ale

Malty with flavors reminiscent of caramel and brown sugar; smooth and deceptive. 7% abv 

Belgian Honey Wit

Tart citrus balanced by honey sweetness, orange peel, subtle spice.  5.5% abv 

Sarah Pale

          Pale, smooth, “steam” beer, or coastal lager. 5% abv

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