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Our Flagship Ales & Lagers
Our locally made, fresh and full-bodied beers, unfiltered andunpasturized, made with all organic base malts.
Liquid Sunshine Pale, hoppy “Steam” or “California Common” style beer. (I call it a “coastal lager”).
Details  Steam  |  Alc. 5.5%  |  IBUs 41
North Pacific Ale Amber colored, and malty, caramel notes with a touch of roasted malt for balance.  Inspired by the Scottish style ales.
Details  Scottich Ale  |  Alc. 4.5%  |  IBUs 18
Sarah Pale Pale, smooth, clean ale. (It’s a blonde.)
Details  Pale Ale  |  Alc. 5%  |  IBUs 16
Wing-Nut Brown Ale Robust  and well-balanced American style brown ale. Special B malt from Belgium gives a nutty and toasted flavor and Cascade hops provide a citrus touch to the full body and finish. 
Details  Brown Ale  |  Alc. 6%  |  IBUs 36
Snowshoe Pale​ “Session IPA” with strong floral and citrus hop flavor and aroma. (It’s all about the Hop, get it?)
Details  Session IPA  |  Alc. 4.5%  |  IBUs 69
Imperial Witbier Belgian style wheat (or “white”) beer, brewed with coriander and orange peel. 
Details  Belgain  |  Alc. 7.5%  |  IBUs
Termination Point
Details  Spruce Tip IPA  |  Alc. 7.5%  |  IBUs 75
Island Mist “Small beer” refreshing, light, all malt ale brewed from the same mash as our barley wine. 
Details  Malt Ale  |  Alc. 3%  |  IBUs 
Island Fog

Barley Wine, Pale and hoppy.

Details  Session IPA  |  Alc. 10%  |  IBUs 69
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