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Cool Stuff from Your Local Brewery
Glasses, Clothing, Hats, Posters, Stickers and more...
We apologize that our store is down, but don't worry! You can call us at (907) 486-2537 or email us ( your order. Thank you so much for being so patient. 
Represent your favorite local Brewery and stay warm at the same time. Select a beautiful designs below for the back of your KIBC T-Shirt or Hoody
WingNut Brown $20


Available in Blue Spruce
Sweatshirt  |  
2x add $3

wingnut brown hoodie
Brewery Logo $20


Available in Denim & Black
Sweatshirt  |  
2x add $3

kib hoodie
wingnut brown t-shirt
WingNut Brown $20


​T-Shirt  |  2x add $3

Brewery Logo $20


​T-Shirt  |  2x add $3

kib logo t-shirt
Men's Bear Tee $20
kodiak bear mens tshirt
Women's Bear Tee $20
womens bear tshirt
Other Items...
Baseball Hats $18
baseball hats
Women's Jogger
Pants $40
womens joggers
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